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Alexa Mini ready for Rentals!

04/10/2015 Post by

ARRI's small and perfectly formed new camera is finally with us and ready for rentals, and with it's three shoots within a week of landing, it has made a statement of intent in our office. This IS an Alexa after all, and we want to spare the tech specs for once and mention why we think this will be a really popular camera for many of our clients productions.


The specs are of course very impressive and what you'd expect from an Alexa of any size and shape (although we are still pleasantly surprised to see that 4:3 sensor). However, ARRI have been pushing the camera as a gimbal and drone solution, and many bloggers have been following suit. It's size benefits productions in other ways...

  • - Moving between gimbal, tripod, shoulder, steadicam with ease.
  • - Small crew shoots.
  • - Small location shoots (tight rooms, backs of cars etc).
  • - Easier mobility between set ups.
  • - Faster unit moves.

AC's might not have such an easy time operating from the side of the camera due to the complete absence of buttons there (!), but something had to give, and we think camera crews will largely be willing to work around that in order to gain the cameras many other benefits.

The picture above is one of many configurations for this camera, we will do a blog post soon with a few more for you...

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