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Our COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Policy

18/05/2020 Post by

Last Updated 18/05/2020

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is eased, we recognise that our company needs to return to normal operations where possible and adapt to new ways of working where required. Cameraworks have introduced the following stringent measures to reduce risk to our clients and their crews to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures and these procedures will remain in place until further notice.

This COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Policy summarises the changes to our working environment and new ways of working to ensure safe working practices. These adaptations have been informed by our COVID-19 risk assessment. They are also subject to ongoing changes with the introduction of additional/updated government guidelines. 


Due to the nature of this risk, the safety of our own employees is also a key aspect of the management of safety to our clients.

•  If any employee, or a member of their household, shows symptoms of COVID-19, they will either not come into work or go straight home. They will then follow Government guidelines for self isolation.

•  Cameraworks are advising all its employees to avoid public transport and working with them to help formulate alternative arrangements. Where this is not possible staff will be provided with gloves and face masks to be worn during their commute.

•  A minimum 2 metre social distancing will be enforced at all times. This is helped by clear floor marking, signage, restricted access to smaller areas of the building and a reduction in the amount of staff present in the building at one time.


As a company we are working with employees to ensure a COVID-19 secure working environment within which to interact with the equipment for client rentals.

•  Employees will be assigned to a personal workstation each day.

•  All workstations in use and high touch areas of the building (door handles, window latches etc) will be thoroughly cleaned at the start and end of each day, as well as regularly in between.

•  Hand Sanitiser and tissues will be provided to all members of staff as well as shared sanitisation stations spread throughout the building, particularly at entrances and exits.

•  Face masks will be made available for staff to wear.


We have implemented additional measures for the preparation of equipment for client rentals which will be followed by all team members at all times.

•  Cameraworks have always had a dedicated rigorous cleaning process before and after each hire. In addition to our usual cleaning procedures, between hires we will ensure all equipment is sanitised thoroughly using sanitisation wipes and/or sprays, with additional emphasis on high touch areas.

•  Any employees handling equipment will wear protective gloves at all times, which will be discarded for recycling and refreshed between equipment preparations.

•  All equipment will be prepared in regularly cleaned and sanitised workstations and environments at all times.


It is necessary for us to impose limitations on clients regarding movements around our premises at this time in order to safeguard current social distancing measures for everyone.

•  Clients and couriers are not permitted entry into the building during equipment collections/returns at this time.

•  During deliveries and collections clients and couriers will be advised to stand 3 metres back from the entrance so that Cameraworks staff can bring the equipment out to them. From there clients/couriers can collect the items. This is to reduce risks of breaking social distancing rules.

•  If a client needs to enter the building for new account application security verification, they will be informed that they need to remain in clearly marked areas of the building and comply with all safety signage. This is to help keep clients and staff safe and to comply with company social distancing measures.

•  To reduce the number of people coming into contact with equipment we can on request instruct couriers to not touch any equipment. In this scenario a Cameraworks employee will load the equipment onto the van unaided and then clients can unload at the other end (after the driver has opened the doors and stood a safe distance away).


We encourage and welcome any feedback or suggestions for further adaptations. You can do this or ask us any questions you may have by contacting our Head of Operations James Bridgford at jamesb@cameraworks.co.uk.



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