Q: Can I place equipment orders online?

A: Yes. As long as you have an account with Cameraworks you can fully book and pay on this website. Put in your shoot dates and your equipment, and it knows whats available. The website gives discounts too!


Q: Do I have to order online? 

A: No you don't. If you prefer to contact our bookings team you can email [email protected] or give us a call on 020 7729 2992.


Q: Do I need an account with Cameraworks in order to hire?

A: Yes. To book your equipment rental you will need to open an account with us. You can submit and account application on this website. You need an account whether you order online or by contacting us directly.


Q: How do I place an order online?

A: Put in your dates, add items to your kit list, once you’re happy you have everything you require, proceed to check out and follow the instructions from there. Remember you do need to open an account with us before you can do this.


Q: The website shows weekly prices. Is that Monday to Friday, or 7 days?

A: 7 days. We charge 3 days per week. You can also view our daily prices or your hire total price based on the dates you input into the calendar. 


Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes. You will see discounts are automatically added to your kit list as you add items. If you are receiving a quote from us via email you’ll also see discounts displayed on the quote.   


Q: Have an account, but having trouble signing in?

A: If you opened an account with us before our new website was launched (June 2022), you may not yet have a login to your online account.

You need to sign-up as a “new customer” and entering the email address used to open your account when you first joined. Then we can match them up so that you can make online orders.

If you are unsure of the original email address, please contact us.


Q: How do I order online?

A: Put your shoot date(s) in, then from that point the website knows whats available. Add your items of choice, any delivery details, then you can check out.


Q: Does the website give discounts?

A: Yes it does! The size of the discount applied varies depending on the time of year, the size of the order and any special offers that might be running at the time of ordering.


Q: Does the website have live availability?

A: It's 100% live and constantly updates so unless it tells you something isn't available for your dates, then it is!


Q: When can I order online?

A: 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including when we are closed. Again please remember you do need to open an account with us first, then you can order whenever you like.


Q: What are your opening hours?

A: We are open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and closed on weekends and bank holidays.


Q: Can I collect the kit the day before my shoot starts?

A: Yes. The kit will be available to collect from our office between 4pm-5:30pm the day before your shoot.


Q: When does the kit need to be back by?

A: You must return your hire between 9-10.30am the morning after the last day of your hire. If you’re going to be late please contact us to let us know. 


Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Yes, we offer delivery and collection within the Greater London area. We don't currently deliver nationwide.

  • For new individual / freelancer clients we may not be able to offer delivery on your first hire due to security reasons. 
  • For new company clients we can offer delivery on your first hire, but only to your companies address. After that, anywhere within Greater London.


Q: Can you do early morning deliveries and evening collections?

A: On a case by case basis, yes we can. We will need to charge out-of-hours surcharges. Once we have all the details we can include this in your quote.


Q: How much does delivery/collection cost?

A: We price delivery and collection based on how far the address is from our premises in Shoreditch. It varies between £20+VAT and £55+VAT each way.


Q: I’m driving, is there anywhere to park?

A: You can park at our premises when you collect or return your kit. We have a private, gated car park on site.


Q: Are you in the congestion zone?

A: We are just outside it so as long as you choose the correct route to us you won't need to enter the congestion zone.


Q: You're in the middle of Shoreditch, how do I find you if I'm driving?

A: Anning St is an L shaped one way road. You need to turn into it off Curtain Road, then following the road round to the left. Once you get towards the Batemans Row end of Anning St, you'll see a large black gate into our car park. Buzz on the Cameraworks buzzer and we can buzz you in!


Q: Which tube station are you closest to?

A: Shoreditch High Street Overground is 3 mins walk, Old Street Underground 10 mins, and Liverpool Street Station 12 mins.


Q: I’m on my shoot and I’m having difficulties with the equipment, what do I do?

A: Call us on +44 (0)20 7729 2992 or if we are closed, call the out of hours technical support number on +44(0)7483342137 and a member of our technical team will be happy to help. 


Q: I’m on a shoot and the equipment has been damaged or gone missing. What should I do?

A: Call us on +44 (0)20 7729 2992 or if we are closed call the out of hours number on +44(0)7483342137. Depending on what has happened, you may also need to report it to the police and your insurance company too.


Q: If I damage or lose equipment will I be charged?

A: Unfortunately as per our terms of business we will need to charge you the costs of either replacing or repairing the item(s). We would raise an invoice to you once we know exact costings, then you can discuss with your insurers if you can make a claim.


Q: Do I have to get insurance cover?

A: Yes, hired in equipment insurance is a requirement and industry standard. It’s for your own protection as well as ours. We can't hire equipment to you unless it is covered by insurance.


Q: Can Cameraworks provide cover?

A: We can provide Cameraworks insurance if the total value of the equipment you’re hiring is £30,000 or below, but as with any insurance you need to demonstrate care and professionalism with the equipment, ensure it's never left unattended or in vehicles, and make sure its locked in a secure building when it's not being used.


Q: What if the value of the equipment I’m hiring is above £30,000?

A: If the value of the equipment you are hiring is £30,000 or higher you will be required to purchase hired in equipment insurance from the insurance provider of your choice, which covers the dates of the hire and the full value of the equipment.


Q: Are there any insurance companies you recommend for short term cover?

A: Absolutely. We recommended Performance Film & Media Insurance as they can provide a insurance quickly and easily and look after many of our clients. We also recommend Towergate Insurance  for short term cover too as they are well versed in covering camera and lighting equipment for shoots.