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NEW KIT: Samyang / Rokinon Primes Set

23/09/2014 Post by

We have a range of EF mounted cameras (e.g. C300's, C100's, 1D-C, Blackmagic, and the Sony FS700 when it has the metabones on it). Whilst many customers are happy using Canon Lenses on those much of the time, occasionally you seek lenses without those clicks in the iris as it opens or closes.

If the light changes during a take, sometimes you want to be able to gently adjust the iris in-shot, without seeing a click and sharp change in the light in your picture, which can really stand out and be distracting. And can be an issue if you can't cut around it!

Whilst we have Zeiss CP2's, which have manual iris control, we always get asked if theres a lower cost option. The Samyang / Rokinon lenses are exactly that. They are a budget solution - but actually they also look really great!

With the glaring ommission of a 50mm we've been reluctant to go for them up until now. But now Samyang have finally released a 50 (pictured), we've got them in, as they are now a great set for you.


The set includes:

  • 14mm T3.1 – close focus 12”
  • 24mm T1.5 – close focus 10”
  • 35mm T1.5 – close focus 12”
  • 50mm T1.5 - close focus 18"
  • 85mm T1.5 – close focus 40"

By the way, our lenses are actually Samyang (not Rokinon), but for anyone who isn't sure, they are exactly the same lenses as each other: literally, same lens, different stamp!

You can see the lens set along with prices at the link to their page below:


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