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Egripment Dolly Bazooka


Track & Dolly

A lightweight, ultra-portable dolly for track use, the Focus Dolly Light is the ultimate when you need to act fast. It fits together in just a few minutes, and the design incorporates dual features. When closed down, the dolly becomes a portable flight case, the push/pull handle functioning as the transport handle. The dolly track wheels simply pop-in to the sockets of the dolly. The track wheels operate smoothly on any standard steel or aluminum track. This verison of the kit includes the bazooka and stea set up.


  • 4x Skater Wheels
  • 1x Push Bar in 3 parts
  • 1x Light Column
  • 1x Adjustable
  • 1x 40cm Riser
  • 1x Light Leveller - 100m Bowl
  • 1x Light Leveller - 100m Bowl
  • 1x Offset Bracket
  • 1x Offset Seat Bracket
  • 1x Seat
  • 1x Seat Post
  • 1x Three-Way Leveller
  • 1x Allen Key
  • £120Per day
  • £360Per week
  • £720Per 2 weeks
  • £100Per day
  • £300Per week
  • £600Per 2 weeks
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