We now stock the new Canon CN10 Cine-Servo 25-250MM Zoom (PL Mount)

RT Motion MK3.1 (3-Axis)


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The RTMotion LCS (Lens Control System) gives you solid, reliable, precision wireless control of cinema and still-camera lenses over long-range wireless. Up to 1.5Km line-of-sight. Our kit Includes 3 Motors.


  • 1x RT Motion Receiver
  • 3x RT Motion Motor
  • 3x RT Motion Motor Clamp
  • 3x RT Motion Reduction Insert
  • 3x RT Motion 0.8mod Motor Gear, Standard Width
  • 3 x RT Motion 0.8mod Motor Gear, Wide
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 6x Blank Marking Disks
  • 2x D-Tap Power Cable
  • 4x Motor Cable, Right-Angle to Straight
  • 1x Wired-Mod Cable
  • 1x Slave-Controller Cable, Right-Angle to Straight
  • 1x Run/Stop Cable, LANC
  • 1x Run/Stop Cable, RED EPIC
  • 1x Run/Stop Cable, Arri Alexa Mini/Amira
  • 1x Power Cable, RED EPIC + 1Power
  • 1x Power Cable, Alexa & Redvolt XL
  • 3x Canon LP-E6 Battery
  • 1x Canon LP-E6 Battery Charger
  • 1x Fig-8 Cable
  • 1x Pelican Case
  • £144Per day
  • £432Per week
  • £864Per 2 weeks
  • £120Per day
  • £360Per week
  • £720Per 2 weeks
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