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Schneider Split Diopter Set


Matteboxes & Filters

Split Diopters are used to increase the minimum working distance enabling closer focus from a greater working distance on half of the frame. These special diopters differ from traditional diopters because the single diopter element is precision cut in half and mounted in the ring. The result is half the image is magnified and the other half is untouched. Split Diopters are perfect for scenes where half the frame requires close focus and the other half requires distance focus while keeping all points in-between sharp.

Please note: If hiring with our Arri LMB-25 Matte Box kits we can supply with a tray able to take the +1/2, +1 and +2 only. 


  • 1x Schneider Split Field Diopter +1/2
  • 1x Schneider Split Field Diopter +1
  • 1x Schneider Split Field Diopter +2
  • 1x Schneider Split Field Diopter +3
  • 1x Flight Case
  • £84Per day
  • £252Per week
  • £504Per 2 weeks
  • £70Per day
  • £210Per week
  • £420Per 2 weeks
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